Nonna Gepfner

Nonna Gepfner was born on March 22, 1971. In 1993 she graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Culture. She has been working at the most famous creative collectives of Russia – the State Ensemble of folk singing and dancing of the Tambov region “Ivoushka”, State Dance Ensemble “Russian Cossacks”, Academic Ensemble of folk singing and dancing of the Home troops at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. From 1994 she has been working at the State Ensemble of the Don Cossacks “Kazachiy Kuren”.

Nonna Gepfner is an experienced master of the folk choreography. In the past she was a ballet soloist and possesses a tremendous artistry and big creative potential.

She executed especially complicated dance elements and of the concert program and performed in the most elaborate stage images.

But in the first place Nonna Gepfner is a gifted choreographer, manager of the ballet troupe of the Don Cossacks. In this capacity Nonna is the producer of many dance items of the Ensemble.


Being the chief ballet-master of the Don Cossacks ballet, she is conducting an everyday work with the ballet artists, trying to achieve the best quality of the performance of solos, group and mass scenes of the ballet items in the concert programs. She is working a lot and with enthusiasm, training young performers and trying not only to teach them secrets of the professional skills but to cultivate love for the culture of the Don Cossacks.

N.V. Gepfner enjoys the authority and respect not only with the Ensemble artists but with many professional choreographers who has been working with her.

Nonna Gepfner has a big number of rewards from the Committee of Culture of the Volgograd region Administration and from the Governor of the Volgograd region.