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Welcome to our Cossack land!

The city of Stalingrad. One of the greatest events of the Second World War, its turning point, the Stalingrad battle, happened here. The symbol of this battle is the highest sculpture in the world, which is entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

The memorial complex Mamaev Hill

The history of our region is closely connected with such legendary personalities as Emelian Pugatchev, Yermak and Stepan Razin.

The beauties of the Cossack region, of the Volga and the Don rivers are waiting for you.

Visiting our land youll see a country estate of a 19th century Cossack. This in the open-air museum is splendidly imprinted into the natural landscape. It illustrates the daily Cossack life of the past with precision and brightness.

A country estate of a 19th century Cossack

The State Ensemble of the Don Cossacks will demonstrate its art in a traditional Cossack setting.

Listening to Cossack songs and watching their dances you will feel a magic touch of the history of ancient Russia.

Close to this Cossacks country estate you will find a restaurant, named The Cossack Kuren. Here you can try traditional Cossack food and drinks.

  • According to traditions you will be treated with bread-and-salt
  • You will get acquainted with culture, customs and traditions of Cossacks
  • You will be able to take part in the ceremony of The Don Cossack Initiation, to observe The Cossack wedding and many other rites
  • Numerous souvenirs and works of art are sold here
  • You can try a real Cossack samogon (an alcohol beverage analogous to vodka)
  • And enjoy a horse ride!
  • Everyday life of Cossacks
  • Don Cossack initiation rite
  • Cossack wedding
  • Cossack samogon
  • Fishing on the Don River
  • A horse ride

The State Ensemble of the Don Cossacks


Accommodation: tourist campsite on the bank of the river Don. Food: 3 times a day (best dishes of the Cossack cuisine). Excursions are organized according to your wishes.

FISHING on the river Don, boat and fishing equipment rent.

HUNTING in the Don hunting grounds. An experienced huntsman will accompany you.

If you have questions or suggestions, please, get in touch with us trough our contact addresses.



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