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Financial and technical terms of the Ensemble tours in foreign countries.

  1. Minimum necessary number of artists – 35 people.
  2. Cost of one concert depends on the country of stay, number of concerts and duration of the tour.
  3. The Ensemble has its own de luxe transport, which considerably reduces financial expenses of the tour organizers in European countries.
  4. The props and equipment for concerts are mobile and go in luggage space of the bus.
  5. The cost of visas, insurance, petrol, customs duties and other travel expenses are paid by the tour organizer.
  6. Hotel expenses and transit in the limits of the country of stay to the last hotel, fee earnings, promotion actions, showgrounds are paid by the tour organizer.
  7. Financial terms of the tours and obligations of the parties are determined in the process of negotiations.
  8. Accommodation — a hotel of not less than 3***.
  9. Number of Artists: 35 people.
  10. Technical personnel: 6 people
  11. We need 5 single and 5 double rooms. The other rooms may be either triple or double.
  12. Meals three times a day.
  13. Arrival to the destination — by bus and by plane.

Technical conditions

The Ensemble has its own audio-equipment. Button: DESCRIPTION OF EQUIPMENT

In case if the equipment of the receiving party will be used, conditions will be the following.

  1. Portals should be not less than 2-kilowatt for a hall with the capacity of 1 thousand spectators. When the concert takes place in the open air, power of the portals should be increased. A professional downmixer control panel for 24 channels.
  2. Two lines of monitors. Three monitors in the front line and two monitors in the back line. Power of each monitor – not less than 200 watts. Processing: processor of sound effects (Lexicon, Yamaha SPX ….. etc.). A two-channel limitor, Alesis compressor for radio- microphones.

Microphones for Orchestra

  1. 3 microphones for percussion instruments (1 bass and 2 from above)
  2. 1 microphone for a flute
  3. 3 microphones for the strings
  4. 1 microphone for a bass balalaika
  5. 1 microphone for bayans (kind of accordion)

Total for the orchestra: 9 microphones.

Microphones for Chorus

  1. 4 microphones on posts at the stage footlights
  2. 2 radio- microphones for soloists

Total for the chorus group: 6 microphones

Lighting equipment

  1. guns, soffits, stationary scanners;
  2. the more lighting equipment we have, the better;
  3. if necessary a light score may be sent.


Stage dressing is available, as the main one - “Black room” is necessary. A video- projector may be used, the Ensemble has a video - sequence
for concert programs.

Приблизительная схема расположения силовой аппаратуры и оркестра


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