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Video about Company's trip to Belguim

Watch the  video about the Company's trip to Belguim here

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Volgogradskaya Pravda (the Volgograd Truth), January 2008

This collective has such an original concert program that it may be called an encyclopedia of Cossacks life

Novye delovye vesti (Business news), February 2008

Spectators were delighted with the concert and the artists had to take a bow many times...

San Francisco Chronicle, USA, February 2008

This collective produced a great impression on American audience, stuck in their memory with bright concert turns, both rollicking and lyric songs, colorful dances, having displayed in that way a part of Russian Cossacks culture that was unknown to the audience up to now

Trentino, Italy, January 2008

Cossacks have won the hearts of people in Trento!!!! Gorgeous costumes, exciting acrobatics and dynamic bright dances will stick in memory of our people for a log time

Berliner Zeitung, Germany, June 2007

When a Cossack song is heard, the heart fills with joy! Drawling and melodious, fervent and dashing, polyphonic, they make your heart weep and laugh

Komsomolskaya pravda, December 2004

Songs performed by the company, old-time and wartime songs always made the mood of the audience change. Here the song A steppe eagle dashing Cossack is heard from the stage and the audience join in singing softly and now the song The father ataman (Cossack chieftain) peals, after that a real Cossack dance starts with cavalry swords and high almost acrobatic jumps. Colourful costumes, balalaikas (stringed musical instrument) and rattles, Cossacks talks The audience was shouting Bravo continually, sincerely responding with gratitude to the Cossacks talents

Berliner Zeitung, Germany, January 2003

Harmonious singing of the choir, splendid dances can't help evoking admiration. Both songs and dances of our guests from the Don are generously permeated with genuine Russian spirit

Zhizn (Life), September 2003

Every season renewal of the concert program and, as a result - full house at all the performances of the ensemble. State Russian Cossack Compay is popular not only in our country but far beyond the borders of the country. Austria and France, Italy and Germany, Czechia and Poland were applauding to the artists. But the most ardent admirers of the company are undoubtedly, our countrymen.

Volgogradskaya Pravda, December 1999

Flashing, colourful, original, splendid such and similar epithets are used in the comments of Russian and foreign press referring to the performances of the State Russian Cossack Company. People enjoy the unique art of the illustrious collective not only in Volgograd and the Volgograd region but also in Orel, Tula, Tambov, Astrakhan and abroad in Germany, Austria, France, Bulgaria, Czechia and Japan


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