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The traditional festival of masters of the arts "World Caucasus"

From October 1 to October 14 in Nazran there took place the traditional festival of masters of the arts "World Caucasus". Already not for the first time the region at this festival presented the State Ensemble of the Russian Cossacks.

The festival "Mir Kavkaza" ("The World of Caucasus") took place in Rupublic Ingushetiya!

The traditional festival of masters of art "Mir Kavkaza" ("The World of Caucasus") took place in Nazran, Rupublic Ingushetiya from the 1st till the 4th of October. It was not the first time for the State Russian Cossack Company when it represented its region at this big event.

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The State Russian Cossack Company opened the new concert season with the successful performance in Ukraine's capital Kiev. The plans for the future are to stage new concert programs and tour in Russia and abroad.

Successful performances in Belgium

The State Russian Cossack Company has just returned from the festival "Wereldfoklore", which took place in Izegem, Belgium. Groups from South Africa, Turkey, Spain, Bolivia and other countries "competed" in dance expression and beauty of costumes. But the favourite of this fest became, admittedly to the organizers and audiences, the Cossack Company from Russia.

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A new original musical album is appearing in June!

We never had something like that! An unusual project for a folk company - the musical album with original arrangements "NE FORMAT". NE FORMAT (Not A Format) - because it is difficult for us to define what has come out - not remixes, not pop arrangements, a mixture of self irony with utmost seriuosness. Moreover you can feel our reverent attitude to origins.

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Summer tour in Italy - from Bologna to Sicily

Cossacks often visit the Apennines. The tour, wich took place in July and August covered almost the whole country - from North to Sicily. Italian audience knows the work of the compan very good. Audience likes very much the program "Dances of Russian Cossacks", which is as original encyclopaedia of Cossack life. The company was rewarded for that by sold out performances and wild applause.

Cossacks won the hearts of people in California!

In February the first tour of the State ensemble of Russian Cossacks went off in the USA. For many artists that was the first trip overseas. And they not only had spoiled nothing before they spinned but on the contrary they made a great success! After the first tour they got invitations to visit the American continent with concerts both in the current and the next year.

Applause and shouts Bravi!

In January came to an end the tour in Italy that started in December and lasted for the whole month. Due to the time difference the artists saw the New Year in on the stage. This bout the audience of the best show-grounds in Palermo, Catania, Trento, Triesta, Bari, Messina and other cities were applauding to hot Cossacks dances.

Volgogradskaya Pravda, January 2008

The concert of this collective is a colourful folklore enchanting sight Two parts of the concert flew by all in one breath


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